Modernizing regulation

A continuous improvement framework for Ontario’s capital markets

Forward-thinking regulation

We spearhead efforts to innovate and improve regulation in Ontario’s capital markets. Through continuous improvement, we aim to foster innovative and globally competitive capital markets in Ontario that put investors first, help businesses succeed and attract investments from around the world.

Modernization is our commitment to help shape an OSC that is attuned to the evolving needs of Ontario's businesses, investors and capital market participants. By systematically rethinking, testing and implementing new approaches to regulation, we can make our regulatory landscape more efficient and better suited for what’s next.

To modernize regulation, we aim to:

Engage with stakeholders in Ontario’s capital markets and innovation ecosystem for ideas and feedback.

Conduct and share research on emerging technologies and capital market trends.

Evaluate the impacts of new technology and foster relationships with other regulators in Canada and internationally to research, adopt and advance leading practices, while ensuring our distinct provincial perspectives are heard and considered on the world stage.

Streamline rules and regulations by proposing and implementing amendments to OSC policies and internal processes to support innovation and foster economic growth.

In focus

OSC IdeaHub

Join the conversation.

Innovative regulation starts here.

OSC IdeaHub is a new public participation platform for capital market participants to share ideas that contribute to the OSC’s efforts to foster innovation and economic growth. Together, with your unique insights and our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re modernizing Ontario’s regulatory environment to meet the evolving needs of those who live, work and invest in Ontario.

Contribute to modernizing regulation

Our ecosystem approach to modernizing regulation brings together insights from our diverse stakeholders to help us foster more dynamic, innovative and competitive capital markets.

This model relies upon strong engagement from all parties with an interest in building a diverse and resilient economy. Market participants, innovators and investors all play an important role in helping our capital markets evolve, adapt and innovate in ways that accelerate progress and contribute to our collective success.

We encourage you to engage with us on new ideas, approaches and technologies. We seek structured feedback through surveys, request for comment processes and OSC IdeaHub. We also share information on our social media channels.

For more information on how to connect with us, stay informed on our latest innovation programs, initiatives and research, and learn about opportunities to provide feedback or collaborate, click here.