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Our ecosystem approach to modernizing regulation brings together insights from our diverse stakeholders to help us foster more dynamic, innovative, and competitive capital markets.

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OSC IdeaHub is a new public participation platform for capital market participants to share ideas that contribute to the OSC’s efforts to foster innovation and economic growth. Together, with your unique insights and our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re modernizing Ontario’s regulatory environment to meet the evolving needs of those who live, work, and invest in Ontario.

We’re in beta mode for now so we can reach better mode faster. Thank you for helping us get there.

You’ll have the opportunity to provide a wider range of feedback soon through a combination of permanent and in-focus categories. For now, we’re piloting OSC IdeaHub with a limited number of categories and questions.

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Artificial Intelligence in Capital Markets


Machine-Readable Regulation


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OSC IdeaHub is an Innovation Office initiative to collect ideas and targeted feedback from stakeholders to help inform our approach to modernizing regulation.

For inquiries or assistance, a Whistleblower tip, or public consultations, please direct your feedback to the appropriate channel from the options set out below.

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